Spring 2017

April 24

Mohd Shahrizan bin Othman, Discrete Mathematics Division,
Approximation Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman with a Drone Download slides

May 22

Shogo Yamanaka, Dynamical Systems Group,
Integrability and Chaos of Dynamical Systems Download slides

May 29

Naveed Ahmed Azam, Discrete Mathematics Division,
Some improvements in data communication systems Download slides

June 12

Yu Luo, Applied Mathematical Analysis Laboratory,
On exceptional orthogonal polynomails Download slides

June 19

Mohd Shahrizan bin Othman, Discrete Mathematics Division,
Routing of Carrier-Vehicle Systems with Dedicated Last-Stretch Delivery Vehicle Download slides

June 26

Gu Yan, System Optimization Laboratory,
An Alternating Direction Multiplier Method with a Greedy Rule Download slides

July 3

Hafez Sarkawi, Control Systems Theory Group,
A Hybrid Modeling and Control of the Dc-dc Boost Converter Download slides