Presentation Materials

Spring 2019

May 20

Zhang Zhe
Discrete Mathematics Research Group,
An Integer Programming-Based Method to Control Problems in Boolean Networks Download slides

May 27

Naveed Ahmed Azam
Discrete Mathematics Research Group,
An Improved Method for Enumerating Pairwise Compatibility Graphs with a Given Number of Vertices Download slides

June 17

Katsuki Kobayashi
Applied Mathematical Analysis Group,
Orthogonal Polynomials and Discrete Integrable Systems Download slides

July 1

Man Zheng
Control Systems Theory Group,
Hyperparameters estimation for Bayesian positive system identification via the EM algorithm Download slides

July 22

Tomoyuki Mao
Physical Statistics Research Group,
Estimation of Physiological State Focused on Chaotic Properties of Heart Rate Variability Download slides

Presentations presented at past years' seminars are archived and accessible here.