Departmental PhD Seminar

Welcome to the Special PhD Student Seminar at the Department of Applied mathematics and Physics (AMP), Kyoto University. This seminar is intended as a platform for graduate students at the AMP Department to meet, exchange ideas and opinions, and contribute to the Department's improvement. The seminar is also always open to participation by faculty members, in an aim to breach the student-teacher gap.

Please check the schedule for upcoming meetings and talks in this seminar.

Most importantly, this seminar is intended to spur communication and collaboration.

Plans and Objectives

This seminar is planned to host an open presentation day with participation from faculty members once per semester. Students should give a presentation about the topic of their own research aimed at a broad audience at this occasion. Each student is expected to give a presentation at least once per semester.

In addition, as representatives of the AMP Department, students should collaborate and give a presentation at the ICT-Innovations event organized by the Graduate School of Informatics of Kyoto University. This is an invaluable opportunity not only to present one's own research to a wide assembly of students, faculty members, alumnae, and participants from industry, but also establish new contacts and possibly fruitful future collaboration.

During the Course of Your Studies

As a general rule, PhD students at the AMP department are expected to participate in an internship program in collaboration with industry, or attend an international summer school in a topic of their own interest during their 3-year PhD studies.

  • This department has established collaboration with industry, especially strengthened through the Joint Unit for Applied Mathematical Modelling (AMM) with Hitachi. Interested students can apply through Prof. Youichi Nonaka (e-mail), cc to Mr. Eiji Watanabe (e-mail).
  • Another standing collaboration is with Mitsubishi UFJ Trust, which offers summer internships for students interested in financial modeling. Their usual intake of interns is during the summer break, so do check their corporate webpage, or send a direct inquiry to the R&D department.
  • Interested students in Mitsubishi Electric can directly contact Mr. Junji Kondo by e-mail.