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Spring 2019

Unless stated otherwise, the seminar takes place on Mondays, starting at 13:30 in Seminar Room 211, General Research Building 10 (No. 60 on this map).

April 22

The first meeting of the semester.
Let us gather, greet new members to the Department, and set a plan for the semester before us.
We can play some warm-up board games to get to know each other and sharpen our cognitive skills.

May 20

Speaker: Zhe Zhang

Discrete Mathematics Research Group,
Topic: An Integer Programming-Based Method to Control Problems in Boolean Networks

May 27

Speaker: Naveed Ahmed Azam

June 3

Speaker: Shogo Yamanaka

June 17

Speaker: Katsuki Kobayashi

June 24

Speaker: Hardik Tankaria

July 1

Speaker: Man Zheng

July 22

Speaker: Tomoyuki Mao

July 29

Speaker: Ken-ichi Okubo

Past seminars